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What is Krav Maga?
About The IKMF
  •    IKMF Krav Maga originated when Imi Lichtenfeld, the founder of Krav Maga, along with his top students, founded the federation in 1995.

  •    IKMF instructors are certified after years of training, followed by an intensive instructor's course directly from IKMF headquarters in Israel.  They are re-certified every year.

Class Features!

Fitness Training!

   All classes start with a half hour warm-up that includes cardio, strength training, and dynamic stretching!



   To keep class interesting and fun we often use games in place of standard drills and exercises. All games are chosen or altered to give students a chance to practice basic techniques or actions needed in a self defense situation. We have also discovered that students will push themselves harder when there is a fun competitive component as opposed to being told to do so many reps of a given exercise.

Weapons Weekend!

   On the first full weekend of every month we study techniques that are used to defend against armed attackers!

Combat Jazz Weekend!

   On the last full weekend of each month we look more at how to fight. By this I mean we step away form the usual technique based classes and focus on things like, defense and counter combinations, as well as fight tactics. These classes are also when Novice students learn to slow fight and advanced students get to spar.  

Shayne Biffin - Head Instructor
Class photo
What will you learn?
  • Keys to surviving common modern day threats -- including home invasions, ATM muggings, attempted abductions, rape scenarios. 

  • Defences against knife threats.

  • Defences against handgun threats. 

  • Defences against knife attacks, including repeated stabs and slashes.

  • Defences against chokes. 

  • Defences against stick-like objects (baseball bats, tire irons, etc.)

  • Defences against bearhugs, hair-pulls, hand-grabs.

  • Using common objects as weapons.

  • Combat tactics

  • Basic combatives; including punches, kicks, elbows strikes, hammer-fists, knees, headbutts, etc.

"Be ready for when that really bad day comes looking for you!"


What To Bring
  • Wear comfortable pants and a t-shirt.

  • Men are strongly advised to wear a protective cup.

  • Woman are advised to wear a protective jill

  • Bring wrestling boots or martial arts shoes if you have them. 

  • Bring a bottle of water.

Head Instructor


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Located at
MMA World Academy
15 Grand Marshall Dr, Scarborough, ON Canada
M1B 5N6

What sets Krav Maga apart from MMA and Martial Arts?
Class Concepts!

Pressure Drills: 

   In a real self defense situation a person tends to become agitated, vision narrows, heart rate increases. They may be tired, or injured, with no other choice but to defend themselves or die. This situation obviously can't be replicated in class but it can be simulated by exhausting the student and having them preform a technique. We have discovered that this has the benefit of not only getting the student accustomed to preforming techniques under duress but it also helps them learn the improvisation skills necessary to adapt and escape an attack on the street as techniques preformed in this state are rarely done perfectly. This is why Krav Maga techniques are designed to function at a sixty percent proficiency, though of course in class we strive for one hundred percent. Not to mention that Pressure Drills are generally a great cardio workout!

Slow Fighting:

   This is one of our beginner versions of sparring. Two students square off just as if they were going to spar but all movements are done at fifty percent speed or less. What this does is remove all physical advantages that individual students may possess like strength, or speed forcing participants to out think there opponent. The slow speed also gives students a chance to figure out an appropriate response to a given attack and to train the visual ques necessary to recognize what attack your opponent to about to use.

Krav Maga Core Principles

Do not get hurt! 

   take your ego out of it! Avoid or run from potential physical conflict. If this is not possible, de-escalate if you can. If de-escalation doesn't work then get away safety anyway you can.


No Rules!

   There are no rules in a street fight! If attacked use any advantage you can find. Distractions, improvised weapons, the environment, and remember to target vulnerable locations.


Use Natural Reflexes!

   Krav Maga techniques are based on the average persons natural reflexes. Because of this our techniques are easier to learn and more natural to use.


Reasonable use of force!

   Stop striking when the fight has gone out of your attacker / attackers.


The fight is not finished until your are safe!

   Once the fight has gone out of your attacker / attackers run! Escape to a place where you are safe from further attack.


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