What is Krav Maga?
Class Features!

   Fitness Training! All classes start with a half hour warm-up that includes cardio, strength training, and dynamic stretching!


  Weapons Weekend! On the first full weekend of every month we study techniques that are used to defend against armed attackers!

   Combat Jazz! On the last Friday of each month we look more at how to fight. By this I mean we step away form the usual technique based classes and focus on things like, defence and counter combinations, as well as fight tactics. These classes are also when Novice students learn to slow fight and advanced students get to spar.  

"Be ready for when that really bad day comes looking for you!"


Head Instructor



About The IKMF
  •    IKMF Krav Maga originated when Imi Lichtenfeld, the founder of Krav Maga, along with his top students, founded the federation in 1995.

  •    IKMF instructors are certified after years of training, followed by an intensive instructor's course directly from IKMF headquarters in Israel.  They are re-certified every year.

What will you learn?
  • Keys to surviving common modern day threats -- including home invasions, ATM muggings, attempted abductions, rape scenarios. 

  • Defences against knife threats.

  • Defences against handgun threats. 

  • Defences against knife attacks, including repeated stabs and slashes.

  • Defences against chokes. 

  • Defences against stick-like objects (baseball bats, tire irons, etc.)

  • Defences against bearhugs, hair-pulls, hand-grabs.

  • Using common objects as weapons.

  • Combat tactics

  • Basic combatives; including punches, kicks, elbows strikes, hammer-fists, knees, headbutts, etc.

What To Bring
  • Wear comfortable pants and a t-shirt.

  • Men are strongly advised to wear a protective cup.

  • Woman are advised to wear a protective jill

  • Bring in door shoes / wrestling shoes if you have them. 

  • Bring a bottle of water.

What sets Krav Maga apart from MMA and Martial Arts?
Why Krav Maga?

   There are many reasons to study Krav Maga. Its fun, effective and easy to learn! Its a great workout and a chance to be apart of a community of really great people. But when it comes right down to it my personal answer would be that its study takes away many everyday fears that keep us from doing the things we love to do, and making the clear decisions needed for ourselves and our communities.


   Right now some of you are nodding and the rest are wondering what the hell I'm talking about. Something I realized as I studied and trained was that the more I knew and the stronger I got the less scary this world became and the less others could use fear to convince me to do things that were against my best interests.


   Before studying Krav Maga I was often afraid to speak my mind at work or in public for fear that a disagreement could lead to a physical confrontation. Now I know what to do if physically attacked and even how to deescalate a confrontation before it gets out of hand. Before studying Krav Maga I was leery of going out because of all the news stories about shootings, stabbings, rapes and other random acts of violence in the city. Now I know how to deal with a random attack or mugging and what to look for so that I can avoid getting into such a situation to begin with. Before studying Krav Maga politicians on T.V. Could convince me to vote for them with promises of protection from terrorist attacks and hijackings, even when their policies were against my best interests and the best interests of my community as a whole. Now I know that the likelihood of ever getting into one of those situation in Canada is minuscule and even if I did get caught up in one of these events, here or somewhere else in the world, I know what to look for to give myself the best chance to avoid an attack, and I know how to give myself the best chance to survive if caught in a hostage situation.


   All of these common everyday fears suddenly went away as I learned how to deal with them. Knowledge is our greatest weapon against fear. This is why I study and why I teach, to give as many people as possible the weapons they need to combat their fears so that they might achieve their dreams and maybe help bring about a better world that we are all hoping for but cannot bring about alone.

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