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Class Schedule

July 12th and July 14th 2024



July 12th: We will be looking at how to use and defend against a low punch to the body, uppercut, as well as the horizontal side elbow.

July 14th: We will be looking at how to defend a third party, defending someone else not just yourself, from the front, side, and back.

   Take care and stay safe and I look forward to seeing everyone in class!

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Fight Girl!!!
Self Defense blog for Women!
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Basic Front Punch
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$30 Discount on my 10 class package to MMA World members.

Its a great opportunity to try out our classes. First class is still free for new students! That means that new students get 11 classes for one low price! You don't want to miss this! See you in class and stay safe!


Head Instructor


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​About our Instructor

   Shayne Biffin has practiced martial arts and general fitness for most of his life.


   He has studied such varied styles as Karate, Aikido, Kung Fu, Balintawak, and of course, Krav Maga.


   He has learned from such distinguished teachers as Tamir Gilad, Avi Moyal, Jean Paul Jaufrett, Megan Cohen Birkman, and Paula Meyers.


   Shayne has also been an avid participant in various methods of strength, stamina and cardio training.

   Outside of Martial Arts Shayne is a certified Union Electrician and avid back yard builder.


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